Roadside breakdowns, battery issues, flat tires and more happen to nearly all of us at one time or another. Minsurancer is an auto club program that offers emergency roadside assistance plans. These programs are designed to enhance security, peace of mind and safety by helping to keep you and your family’s vehicles and members protected in the case of a roadside breakdown. We also offer commercial roadside assistance services for company vehicles and fleets. Once you join our auto club, if you ever need help you can simply call our toll-free number and one of our service professionals will route service to you right away. Our towing, fuel delivery, jump start services and more cover you in the event of a tire blowout, if you need towing due to engine trouble, if you run out of fuel, lock your keys in your vehicle, leave your lights on and the battery goes dead, lose your keys or lock yourself out or experience any other type of disablement. See our full list of plans for a complete list of program details and included services. At Minsurancer we deliver the best service at the best price!
Roadside assistance coverage is an insurance plan that helps individuals and companies when they experience an emergency with their vehicle. It includes everything from delivering fuel if you run out of gas on the road to helping you replace flat tires.
We dispatch the best, most efficient and professional towing and repair companies in Nigeria to ensure that your vehicles are handled properly and safely. With Thousands of providers across Nigeria , we stand ready to assist you when you need us.
Getting help during a roadside emergency is easy! Simply call our toll-free roadside assistance number located on our website or Book a service directly on Minsurancer App. One of our friendly service representatives will make sure you’re in a safe place and have you describe your location and vehicle so they can immediately dispatch the needed service right to you. Knowing which road you are on and the nearest Cross street, mile marker or landmark,, as well as the make, model and color of your vehicle, will be helpful.
Minsurancer has a network of over Hundred of Thousands service and repair facilities across Nigeria to provide towing and roadside assistance services for individuals and a commercial towing plan for businesses. The tow provider closest to the location of needed service, with the proper equipment and who is first available for a timely dispatch, would be called to provide service to your breakdown location.
Yes. The emergency roadside assistance phone number is toll-free and is provided to approved members only.
We cover all 36 states in Nigeria.
A vehicle plan covers 1 vehicle. You have the option to purchase multiple plans for all your vehicles. A covered vehicle being driven by any authorised driver is will be covered.